Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Present fit for an Art Teacher

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Since my husband knows me so well he knew the perfect Christmas present for me was not something shiny or fancy so he got me what I really wanted.... a POWER WASHER! Yes I know, what every woman wants right? This is crucial for screen printing and I have been going to the car wash to clean my screens due to my lack of a power washer. I don't know how much the Luv Bug Car Wash of Dade City appreciated that? :/

Anyways now I can wash as many screens as I want. Here's a video of me trying to start the thing. I must say that I had it started and working for several minutes before this video was taken but then became a spaz when I had to perform on camera/ I didn't know I was being filmed. 

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Texture Artwork

Pre K 3

glue plus buttons and string. When it was dry they  colored with crayons and painted then I sprinkled with salt. They look like they could be made by some college students I used to know : /


texture painting 

First students were given boxes of recycled textured materials ( corrugated cardboard, cork board, wood, thin cardboard boxes, sponges, plastic, fabric, bubble wrap etc.These were glued to cardboard. 

Days 2 and 3 were painting days. I have a fail safe secret to painting.... splitting up the colors to either warm or cool. Kids could either paint with warm or cool colors on day 1 and then on day 2 they got the other on. You may be wondering why didn't everyone just get warm colors on day 1 and cool on day 2??? Because it is more fun this way!

Who's art work does this remind you of???  ROBERT RAUSCHENBERG 

I showed Rauschenberg  combines and asked the kids who's artwork this look like and one genius said OURS!

We also did a texture plate animal drawing 

spider(the small one) watching tv in the rain-I don't remember what the large animal is


this is an amazing ladybug

so cute!

1st Grade

Recycled Texture Self portraits

1st step was to make the background. students made abstract designs with elmers glue. Day 2 students chose either warm or cool watercolor to paint over glue. I came around a sprinkled salt on wet paint. 

Day 3-4 Students were given recycled textured materials(can you tell I like free art supplies) to make their self portraits ( corrugated cardboard, cork board, wood, thin cardboard boxes, sponges, plastic, fabric, bubble wrap etc.) They could also add feathers, buttons, ribbons, and pom poms

Day 5
Add details with colored pencils

2nd grade

Texture imaginary animal

This was a really fun/awesome project

1. Using texture plates and only black crayon fill an entire 18x24 piece of white paper
2. flip paper over and have students draw an outline of their creature, cut out
3. water down tempera paint, paint texture filled side
3. use colored construction paper to add details to bring your creature to life

Just for fun

Christmas present from Nurse Johnson and her amazing daughters- I found a good use for it! THANK YOU... you are the best!!!!!!! :)

Pablo Picasso shirt I picked up from a vintage store for 7 dollars=score
art teacher clothes

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My exciting vacation

Unclogging glue! I read that soaking caps    In vegetable oil will prevent clogs so I'm working on that today. I'm also transferring almost empty bottles to other almost empty bottles, oh the excitement!

Friday, November 22, 2013


 The chairs are looking AMAZING!

Paper Lace by MULTI MEDIA wheel!!

7th and 8th grade students made these and they are BEAUTIFUL!
There are 2 layers are cut paper and one solid paper. I gave them the option of creating their own design or I gave them ones to choose from. They worked on shading the areas that were to be cut out with the exacto. I am so happy with the results!


MORE Kindergarten best friend color monsters!

Third grade complementary color grid paintings

4th grade warm and cool color accordion drawings

an in progress masterpiece :)

 This student glued his back together"wrong" but we liked how it looked so I told him to keep it.

PreK 3 Texture paintings

PreK 3 was given unconventional paintbrushes aka things I bought at the dollar store. They used hairbrushes, louffas, scrubbers,toothbrush,scrubbers, basically anything that would give an interesting texture when they painted with it. We did this for 2 classes. Once with warm colors and once with cool colors. It was a mess but tons of fun!

PreK 4 Funny Monsters

I like to give my students choices when it comes to their art as much as I can while still remaining in control of the outcome. Here Pre K 4 could choose their monsters shape, color, texture, eye color, arm/leg pipe cleaners, feathers and pom poms.  They did ALL the cutting and gluing themselves and did a great job. It is hard to tell from the photos but the monsters body has a texture on it. The students used texture plates to achieve this effect. So cute!