Sunday, October 20, 2013


I have been tracking grades k-5's behavior on a chart since the first day. They can earn a green, yellow, or red box each class. The goal is to get all green boxes. Yellow boxes are OK but that means we have some behavior problems and red is bad news. If a class got 2 red boxes then they didn't have a party. If a class had all green boxes everyone attended the party. If there were  multiple yellow boxes  for a class, then I make the judgement call as to who didn't earn the party and needed to work harder next quarter. No worries, there are 3 parties left to be earned this year!

Here are some of the fun photos from the parties!

There were 3 stations. Kids had 10 minutes at each station. I had a timer up on the smartboad so they could manage their time. 

Grades 2-5 

Clay- totally independent- I didn't assist them at all with this... whatever they made in 10 mins was what they would end up with.

Spin art- Totally independent- Had to work in pairs- I bought salad spinners from walmart and instead of cutting paper into a circle which would of taken forever, I cut a long strip and we put it along the wall of the salad spinner. One kid used an eyedropper to put the paint in the hole while the other spun the thing.

Slime- This was the only station I was assisting the kids- 

recipe for slime:

1 teaspoon Borax and 1 cup of water- Mix until totally dissolved

In a separate container- 4oz or 1/2 cup elmers glue, 1/2 cup water, a few drops of food coloring- Mix 

Add both mixtures together in a large bowl. Mix until it feels like slime. If it is very sticky then it is not totally mixed or you messed up somewhere. 


Grade 1

Scratch art

Scratch art was later replaced with Play-dough but I have no pictures of that.

Free paint

Chalkboard door and mural paper on wall

Kindergarten just got candy- sorry :(

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Secondary Colors and Pink

We have finished the secondary colors. This week we are doing pink, which is a tint. Kindergarten and 1st grade are learning about complementary colors and they are doing wonderful. I am very impressed with them! I will be posting artwork soon.

This week we have been having our art parties. Everyone who earned them seems to be having a blast. I'll post more about that when I get some pictures tomorrow. My hands have been too slimy to hold the camera all week!

Red and Yellow makes ORANGE

Yellow and blue makes GREEN

Blue and Red makes PURPLE

Red and Green are complementary colors
Yellow and purple are complementary colors
Blue and Orange are complementary colors

Red and white makes PINK- pink is a tint

Saturday, October 5, 2013

DIY encaustic painting

I want to start my 2nd quarter wheel class- multi media- with encaustic painting. Today I'm doing a test run and it is working out awesomely!
I broke up crayons and put them into a muffin tin. This was placed on an electric griddle set at 200 degrees. I forgot to get it at the store, but soy wax is best to clean up your brushes. Keep some melted in one of the muffin tins. You can clean it with soap and water after. If you don't have it then wipe the griddle with a paper towel till clean and keep rubbing your brushes on the griddle till most of the wax is out. They will stiffen up but the next time you use them they will loosen up. Your supposed to cure your paintings with a heat gun... This will also move the wax around and you can get really neat effects not possible with a brush

 If you want to be fancy and get official tips or buy "real" paint check out they are the leaders in this field.

I think I can almost guarantee that no other middle school art class ( in polk county at least) will be doing encaustic paintings :)

I did this one at R&F Encaustic studios in Kingston NY as a freshman in college... Yes I had pink hair, what do you expect, I was an 18 year old art major from NYC!

I did this one as an example to show the kids they don't have to make something specific, abstract is fine!