Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My exciting vacation

Unclogging glue! I read that soaking caps    In vegetable oil will prevent clogs so I'm working on that today. I'm also transferring almost empty bottles to other almost empty bottles, oh the excitement!

Friday, November 22, 2013


 The chairs are looking AMAZING!

Paper Lace by MULTI MEDIA wheel!!

7th and 8th grade students made these and they are BEAUTIFUL!
There are 2 layers are cut paper and one solid paper. I gave them the option of creating their own design or I gave them ones to choose from. They worked on shading the areas that were to be cut out with the exacto. I am so happy with the results!


MORE Kindergarten best friend color monsters!

Third grade complementary color grid paintings

4th grade warm and cool color accordion drawings

an in progress masterpiece :)

 This student glued his back together"wrong" but we liked how it looked so I told him to keep it.

PreK 3 Texture paintings

PreK 3 was given unconventional paintbrushes aka things I bought at the dollar store. They used hairbrushes, louffas, scrubbers,toothbrush,scrubbers, basically anything that would give an interesting texture when they painted with it. We did this for 2 classes. Once with warm colors and once with cool colors. It was a mess but tons of fun!

PreK 4 Funny Monsters

I like to give my students choices when it comes to their art as much as I can while still remaining in control of the outcome. Here Pre K 4 could choose their monsters shape, color, texture, eye color, arm/leg pipe cleaners, feathers and pom poms.  They did ALL the cutting and gluing themselves and did a great job. It is hard to tell from the photos but the monsters body has a texture on it. The students used texture plates to achieve this effect. So cute!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Texture Time!

We have started texture this week! Here are some of my fabulous texture teaching outfits. Don't worry there will be more!

Key points:
What is texture?
What is the difference between a physical texture and an implied texture?
What textures can see see in the room, on my outfit, etc.?
Texture is everywhere!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Awesome present from a talented artist!

A couple of weeks ago an amazing 5th grade artist presented me with this tinny tiny sculpey pallet she made me. It is just the cutest thing! I can say with complete confidence that I would never in a million years be able to make mine look as perfect as hers.

 I am amazed at the precision that some of these kids have, not just with art but with handwriting too.  There are many types of artists. Some can do meticulous, slow and well planned art and then there are artists, like myself, who are more spontaneous and usually leave art class covered in paint. I'm sorry parents, at least they are having fun right! My clothing is covered too :)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Color videos

Here are some color videos that I made and showed my classes. We are done with color now but, every week we learned a new color and saw one of these videos. I have one for ever color but red ( I didn't get it together to make one for red, oh well) They are basically glorified slideshows with music- I edited songs that had that color in the lyrics and cut it so it was just the chorus.  ENJOY!