Friday, March 21, 2014

Various other art projects

5th grade fabric texture 

5th grade galaxies

after 5th grade mixed their 100 colors they painted galaxies!

1st grade flowers

kids draw flower outline in black crayon, then Using my fool proof method for painting- one day warm colors, next day cool colors (this way no muddy mess) kids paint. Then go back re outline flower in black craypa. Add details in colored craypas. BEAUTIFUL!

Kindergarten painting

Free paint- This was an in between project. I like to split up the warm and cool colors, as I have said before, so this was separated in to two sessions, They weren't consecutive classes so they were surprised when they got their papers back and were like "Oh hey, this is pretty cool" then added their other 3 colors plus white to make tints

6th grade recycled container 

I have been saving milk jugs and coffee creamer bottles for 2 years. Basically "dumpster diving" in the teachers lounge and tortureing my husband by never throwing out our Ice tea containers. I was so excited by the prospect of this project but it really didn't work out how I wanted it to. I had some success but I think really the kids just looked at me and were like, "Mrs Love, this is your trash..." which it is, so I have yea I don't know about this project??

Pre K 4 Symmetry

Folded 18X24 paper in half. Kids used squeeze bottles of tempera on one side. Folded paper (This is easy stuff) Then I had then go back into it the following week with crayon. They had to do the same thing on the right that they did o the left so their crayon drawings would also be symmetrical. This was harder for them. This kid did pretty good I think

Pre K 3 painting

4th grade texture Tissue box monsters 

Anyone who goes into my art room will first notice all the recycled "treasure" I have teachers dropping off empty tissue boxes all year in anticipation of this project. And the kids love it. 

Paint the box all one color. 2 coats
Add details to your box. Some kids like to use those net orange bags to create texture or freehand designs
White egg cartons for eyes
white oak tag for teeth 
Pipe cleaners, feathers, buttons, fabric ect.
Hot glue it all

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