Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Crayon dress

I made this dress in February for my awards lunch but never posted it. I wore it today and it was a hit. My crayon shoes didn't make it past the first wear in February :( I need to remake them on a different type of shoe. The paint did not like this type of leather. Any suggestions? I'm thinking just canvas. 


  1. I bet they'd do just fine on a pair of white canvas keds or something similar. Such a cute dress! And the shoes were fantastic. It's a shame they didn't last past the first wear.

  2. I actually ordered a pair of pointed white canvas sneakers from china but then once they came, after 2 months for waiting, a light bulb when off and I realized I cant paint the rubber. Woops! It would of been good. They can work for some other creation. Thanks for the comment though!