Monday, September 16, 2013

There are 3 Primary colors!

This year I want EVERY kid at school to know what the primary colors are, why they are important and what colors they can make.

Every week we are focusing on a different color, and I wear that color all week . So far I have done the 3 primaries.

 My heart melted this morning when  boy at car line was so excited that  it was yellow week, and nothing makes me happier than to hear a Pre-K student tell me what the primary colors are without me asking.

In case you don't know what  they are....




For blue and yellow week I made these videos to show:  Blue movie  Yellow Movie They are slideshows of blue/yellow things with a soundtrack with the colors theme. (I didn't get it together for Red week but for the rest of the unit I will have them) 

This is also a wonderful video OK GO primary color music video

Because I so ridiculous I also have these pictures 

1st grade did a project based on primary color superheros. So we talked about superheros and how lots of them have costumes with primary colors on them..... then this happened: ( notice the cape blowing... I had the fan on)

As if I couldn't  get any more ridiculous I wore this for my observation lesson. So glad I have an amazing Principal!

All my classes are doing projects based on the primaries right now but none of them are finished yet... there will be photos!

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